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International Conference “Composites without Borders”

International Conference “Composites without Borders”, LogotypeThe 2nd Composites Without Borders international conference became a key event on the business schedule of the Open Innovations Expo exhibition, which was held as a part of the Open Innovations Moscow international forum at Moscow Technopolis on October 14–16, 2014.


The conference was initiated by the RF Ministry of Industry and Trade, and by Russia’s composite industry leaders such as the Union of Composite Manufacturers, Composite holding company, AeroComposite, and Ashland.

This year, the conference was held at Moscow Technopolis where Composite holding company’s manufacturing sites are located. The participants of the Composites Without Borders conference had the opportunity not only to attend the plenary discussions, topical sections and master classes, but also to see the composite materials manufacturing process from polymer to finished product in Composite’s  production shops.

Among the key topics of discussion at the 2nd Composites Without Borders international conference were measures of governmental support, development and growth of the composite market in Russia and worldwide, best examples of composites implementation in various industries, and developments and technologies of manufacturing of raw materials, semi-finished goods, and finished goods. Renowned gurus of the worldwide composite industry will make presentations at the conference.

“A composite product is often a complex structure and exchanging experience, knowledge and technologies is an important aspect when developing the composite industry. I’m happy we can contribute, and share our developments and technologies with the Russian audience,” said Andrew Miller, Sales Director, EMEA Ashland Inc.

Simultaneously with the conference, a composite materials showroom was arranged in the exhibition area, where samples of composites’ application to various sectors of industry will be presented.

“When we started our business in 2009, carbon fiber-based polymer composites were used in Russia mainly in the space industry. In a mere five months, we managed to spread the use of these materials into other sectors. For example, in aircraft building, shipbuilding, construction, municipal facilities, or nuclear energy. And this is not the limit,” believes Leonid Melamed, general manager of Composite holding company.

Composites are materials of the 21st century. They have a major influence on the development of today’s industry. “The use of polymer composite materials and advanced technology in the creation of new generation aircraft is a is one of the main conditions for improving our competitiveness,” confirmed Anatoly Gaidansky, CEO of AeroComposite.

The global composite market increases about 5–7 percent per а year. Although the potential of polymer composite market in Russia is difficult to estimate at the moment, but the positive dynamics of the industry is maintained.

Today, regional and sectorial implementation composite’s program are developing. That’s why we expect a huge demand for these materials in construction, civil and industrial, utilities, transportation infrastructure, oil and gas, consumer goods. The Composites Without Borders international conference is a good opportunity to demonstrate the abilities of composite materials for very diverse applications," believes Sergei Vetokhin, executive manager of the Union of Composite Manufacturers of Russia.

Conference Program

1st Day

PLENARY DISCUSSION of the academic community
Molding PAN Fibers: This Tradition and Future Prospects in the Light of Their Use as Precursors of High-strength Carbon Fibers

Moderator: Irina Lebedeva


  • Valery G. Kulichikhin, Head of Colloid Chemistry Department, Moscow State University; Нead of Laboratory, TIPS RAS; Corresponding Member, Russian Academy of Sciences
  • David Service, Deputy Director Technology, Holding Company Composite

Presentation: Selection Criteria for the Most Appropriate Carbon Fibre Technology

2nd Day

Focus on Composites in China

Moderators: Daniel Pichler, Balazs Zsigmond


Current Situation and Development Tendency of Production Carbon Fiber in China
Zhuang Hai Lin, Jilin Carbon Fiber Co., Ltd.

Some Understanding on PAN-based Carbon Fiber Carbonization Equipment
Liu Yonghua, Xi’an Fu Ruida Technology Co., Ltd.

The Application of Carbon Fiber in Helmet Industry
Zhang Zhongjun, Qingdao Sea Rock Composite Co., Ltd.

The Status and Development of China’s Carbon Fiber Industry
Zhao Xiangdong, China Chemical Fibers Association

Composites: Materials and Technologies of the 21st Century

Moderator: Leonid Melamed, CEO of Holding Company Composite (HCC)


  • Gleb Nikitin, First Deputy Minister of Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation
  • Anatoly Chubais, Chairman of the Board, RUSNANO MC
  • Andrew Miller, Sales Director, EMEA Ashland Inc.
  • Stefan Osterwind, Vice President, EMEA & India Ashland Inc.
  • Mikhail Stolyarov, СEO, Nanotechnology Center of Composites
  • Anatoly Gaydansky, CEO, JSC AeroComposit
  • Sergey Vetohin, Head, Union of Composites Manufacturers
  • Vladimir Seredoho, CEO, FSUE Fair-Nevsky Shipyard
Signing of a Cooperation Agreement Between the Holding Company Composite and Ashland Performance Materials

Composites: Innovations in Aviation

Moderators: Vladimir Khlebnikov, Dmitry Kogan,


Technological Aspects in Production of High Quality Prepregs for Composites
Andrej Elischew, Industrial Engineer, KROENERT GmbH & Co. KG

Development of Integral Aircraft Structures Using Innovative Preform Manufacturing, Simulation and Moulding Methods
Valentin I. Khaliulin, KNITU-KAI

Approaches to Development of Sustainable Methods to Prove Compliance During Expedited Certification of Perspective PCM Load-carrying Structures by Means of Computational-experimental Monitoring Methods and Control of Manufacturing and Operational Process
Andrey Ushakov, NPP APATEK

Composites Innovative Solutions for Aircraft
Alexander Butler, Composite

Improving Productivity of AFP and ATL Machines by Using New Concepts
Dimitar Bogdanoski, Vice President, Mikrosam A.D.

Machine Solutions for the Production of Aviation Composites
Werner Ulrich, Schönherr Textilmaschinenbau GmbH

Production Process of NCF for Aviation Applications
Rainer Seuss, KARL MAYER LIBA Textilmaschinenfabrik GmbH

Composites: Innovations for Pipeline

Moderator: Balazs Zsigmond


Quality: from Raw Material to Pipe Connection
Sabine Garbe, Ashland Performance Materials

Composite Pipe for Water Supply and Sanitation
Paul Litsovsky, Sales Director, Amitec

Automated Fiber Placement Technology—Application in Pipeline Construction
Miguel Garcia, Mtorres

3rd Day

Composites: Innovations for Urban Economy

Moderator: Eugene Rafailov


Derakane Based Solution for Metal Processing Industries
Guy Schneider, Ashland Performance Materials

Fire Retardant Resins for Mass Transit and Building
Tim Pepper, Ashland Performance Materials

Structural Reinforcement System FibArm. Application for Municipal Facilities in Moscow
Eugene Rafailov, CompozitSpetsStroy

Structural Reinforcement System FibArm. Technology
Pavel Osmak, CompozitSpetsStroy

Structural Reinforcement System FibArm. Design Principles
Yuri Byrlinsky, CompozitSpetsStroy

CFRP for Bridge Strengthening. Application and Regulation
Alex Nerovnikh, Siberian State University of Railway Transport

Nanotechnology Composites Center Products for Municipal Services
Alexei Rannev, Nanotechnology Composites Center

Composites: Innovations for Alternative Sources of Energy

Moderator: Balazs Zsigmond


Windmill Blades, Always Made of Composites
Tuula Mannermaa, Ashland Performance Materials

Carbon Fibre Use in Wind Blades. Challenges and Benefits
Julien Sellier, STRUCTeam Ltd.

Composites: Innovations for Shipbuilding

Moderator: Igor Laskorunsky

From Day Cruisers to Super Yachts, Composites Is the Choice
Jaroslaw Jaszewski, Ashland Performance Materials

Application of Polymer Composites in Shipbuilding
Nicholas Fedonyuk, Head 35 Laboratory, FSUE KGNTS

The Experience of Structural Design of Composites Hulls and Superstructures
Vdimir Bulkin, Head of the Department, CMDB Diamond

Experience of Manufacturing Structures and Hulls of PCM
Vladimir Seredoho, CEO, FSUE Fair-Nevsky Shipyard

Composites: Innovations for the Automotive Industry

Moderator: Balazs Zsigmond


Application for Braiding Machines for the Manufacturing of Composite Materials: Innovations for Automotive
Paul Henne, August Herzog Maschinenfabrik GmbH & Co. KG

Automotive Light-weighting Perspectives
Magnus Johansson, Ashland Performance Materials

Characterizing the Drapability of Fabrics by Means of an Automated Tester
Steffi Kurjatschij, Sales Manager Eastern Europe and Central Asia, Textechno Herbert Stein GmbH & Co. KG

CANNON High Pressure RTM Technology for Composites in the Automotive Industry: Examples of Industrial Applications Seen from the Production Machinery Side
Alberto Zarantonello, Cannon Afros SpA

Composites: Innovations in Sport Industry

Moderator: Balazs Zsigmond


Woven Spacer Fabrics for the Application in Snowboards
Stefan Fenske, Institut for Textiltechnik of the RWTH Aachen University

Creating a New Generation of Racing Car Based on the CFRP
Anastassia Gritsenko, ARTTech

Create Wakeboards Using CFRP
Dmitry Gubanov

October 14–16, 2014Technopolis Moscow, Russia