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Exhibition 2013 Review

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Visitors to the Exhibition
12 800
Among them
1 473
Moscow senior
school children
Total area of the Expo site
24 000
sq m
Total number of exhibitors
93 Total number of exposition stands

Display of over 1000 atest developments from 10 countries of the world, including Russia, Germany, Belarus, United Kingdom, China, Netherlands, USA, Finland, France, Japan.

23 collective expositions,
organized with the support of the Administrations of the Russian
2 foreign collective expositions
France, Finland
11 collective expositions organized by professional associations
Composites without Borders, Russian Venture Company (RVC), Rosatom, Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation, Russian Technology Parks, Russian Foundation for technological development Skolkovo, Eltech, RUSNANO, Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation, Fund of Assistance to Development of Small Forms of Enterprises in the Science-Technical Sphere.

Special Platform Events


Business Events
The 7 open presentation platforms at the Open Innovations Expo 2013 hosted 68 separate business events, including:

  • International Conference “Composites without Borders”
    Organized by Dow Chemical and Composite Holding Company.
    Conference participants totalled 370 specialists from Russia and abroad.
  • More than 30 events by the co-organizers Фof the Forum and Expo: lectures and presentation sessions for young innovators, award ceremonies, seminars and panel discussions for Expo participants and visitors.
  • More than 10 events organized by the foreign partners of the Forum and Expo.
  • 15 events of the cultural program of the Forum and Expo.

Plus: events organized by regions of the Russian Federation, roundtables, panel discussions and presentations of the products and technologies of Expo participants.

Special exposition held in frames of the Exhibition: Smart City complex project.


Technological Tours
Expo volunteers led more than 70 technological tours over the exhibition expositions for Forum participants and Expo visitors.
Special events for schoolchildren held within the scope of the Expo were attended by
1473 high-school seniors from educational institutions of Moscow. Among others the program included guided tours over the exhibition expositions according to specially-developed routes.
October 14–16, 2014Technopolis Moscow, Russia